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[Poland]CP Cruiser Box

CP Cruiser Box with 5 cable set is a USB Box for all Cruiser Pro 2 or Cruiser Pro 16 users who want to boost their work and don't to want to waste USB ports for both dongle and cable. Now you have opportunity to use USB box with built-in smartcard reader. It assures you faster and reliable operations with your favorite software. Set contains: # Cruiser CP box # 5 cables set (se, k750, LG, sharp, c62) # warranty (invoice)[...]

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[Poland]Martech SIEM USB BOX II PLUS + x65 activation

Martech SIEM USB BOX II PLUS + TESTPOINT ADAPTER v3.0 + x65 activation are special hardware + software that are working on special Martech protection Box that allows to work on all new Siemens phones withtou any problem . From now one it's only few seconds to check waht it's wrong, repair phone and return it to your customer. We guarante FREE updates and full technical support and help for all our customers till moment when changes in new phones (firmware or hardware) - will be not too big. You can[...]

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[Poland]MSS Box II Full + ODM

MSS Box II Full with ODM it's revolutionaly tool for all Motorola P2K and C3xx models that can complex service thrm. New version right now support such phones as V620, E550, V550, V551, V3, V980, A1000, E1000, V66, V66 Ivory, V66m, V60, T280, T280i, T280m, V70, V71, V66i, V60i, T720, T720i, T721i, T722i, C330, C331, C332, C333, C336, C359, C350, C550, C450, E380, E390, C370, C350L, C353, C250, V150, V300, V400, V500, V525, V600. Software can unlock these phones, change language, change firmware,[...]

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[Poland]S-Card for SmartClip

S-Card for SmartClip is a Smart-Clip sub-device providing high level protection in the process of operation and updates. It’s a portable USB key for Smart-Clip updates, SmartMoto software operations and access to flash files database. Use of S-Card dongle frees Smart-Clip users from SmartMoto licensing process. From now on, Smart-Clip with S-Card dongle can be used on any PC and is not bound to computer hardware. Smart-Clip registered with the USB key has an access to the new level of flash files[...]

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[Poland]UC-20 Cruiser cable

UC-20 Cruiser cable it's special adapter works with Cruiser Plus (cards 07) that allows you to unlock your phone without using any logs from DB2012 phones actually - W200/W300/W810 model supported. Actually supported models: - W200 - W300 - W810 Requiments: - Cruiser Plus (cards 07)[...]

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